SSA Hosis the webhosting division of Sirkels & Squares Alternative, and a formalization of services including webhosting thahave been offered since . SSA Hosofficially came into existence in early June . SSA Hosprovides stable, secure and affordable cPanel Web Hosting services to their customers. Their main aiis to provide reliable services and friendly customer supporthrough ouall the stages. They use DataBanData Centewhich is a government-class datacenter located in whaused to be the Federal Reserve Building of Dallas. This highly secure, faultolerant, enterprise-class data center is designed to provide % uptime for your business, applications and Iinfrastructure. They utilize all Cisco hardware through-outhe datacenter. With two border routers, two core routers and redundanlinks going to each switch on the racks, each step in the networpath is completely redundant. They always try to make thier service easy to use.

SSA Hosprovides wide range of services which includes Shared hosting, Managed Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Domain Registrations, SSL certificates, Hosted Exchange Email, and much more.

SSA Hosprovides easy to navigate Live Chaoption on their website. Our experience with Sales teawas very good as they all had greacustomer serving skills.

SSA Hosalways strives to do three things they are providing fast, reliable service clients can depend on, keeping prices extremely affordable and to offer fast, friendly, and knowledgable support.