InstanDedicated is a Dutch hosting provider who specializes in ‘instant’ delivery of dedicated servers. A good customer contacand delivering excellensupporare their TOP priority. InstanDedicated was launched in with the aito provide a big stacof servers, a solid and flexible network, and a simple to use control panel. InstanDedicated offers unmanaged dedicated servers with InstanActivation. Their servers are located in a TIER3 datacenter in The Netherlands and a TIER3+ datacenter in USA. They have customers all over the world, froUSA to China and everything in between. InstanDedicated allows their customers to upgrade server hardware aany time withouno cost. InstanDedicated backup their services with .9% uptime guarantee and x7 technical supporvia Phone, Live Chat, Email, and TickeSystem.

InstanDedicated is a premiuEuropean + US dedicated server provider thaputs the key on automation. InstanDedicated offers unmanaged dedicated server with instanactivation. Their Dedicated Servers are ldeal for small business, mediusized business and high-end sites & companies.

InstanDedicated provides easy to navigate Live Chaand Phone options for their customer. Our experience with sales teawas quite good as they knew requirements of customers and how to serve them. Thumb up for them!!

InstanDedicated offers very secure solutions to all of their customers. Security and reliability are only 2 keywords which describe them. They are flexible and unique, that’s why everyone should choose InstanDedicated for Dedicated Hosting Solution.