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After four years of worwith artificial intelligence, EXAI was founded in to enhance the online presence of small businesses. Websites can be created almosinstantaneously frocurrenFaceboopages or other user-owned resources. These can be complemented by proprietary or Gallery images. Existing websites thaare noup-to-date can also be converted to EXAI’s efficienstructure to make ieasy for Google and other search engines to locate the key elements they seefor indexing and ranking

Once on the EXAI platform, any website is easy to update using the built-in WYSIWYG editor and Drag-and-Drop convenience. No special design or programming expertise is required. And all of EXAI’s websites are automatically optimized for mobile devices.

Four months after EXAI began offering its products and services, ihad created , websites. Now, only two years since its inception, ihosts over half a million websites thaihas created or converted.