A Small Orange


In order to provide the bespossible service, ASO maintains two differenU.S.-based servers in Dallas, Texas, and Dearborn, Michigan. Both data centers boashigh-performance, carrier neutral networks. ASO is committed to keeping your data secure, and its data centers include a range of security features, including /7on-site supportechnicians; physical ID checks, biometric access, and keycard access; and full CCTV surveillance thais backed by digital recording on file. Both data centers boasmulti-homed, carrier-neutral high-performance IP managed premiunetworks and make use of Arbor Networks PeakFlow DDoS detection.

ASO Uptime Score (July )

ASO hosting uptime for July . The tessite has nogone down for the pas hours.

ASO Hosting Uptime Score (Mac – Apr )

A Small Orange uptime score for March – April , – .%.

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